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Lymph Studio, LLC

Susan Couture, BSHA, CRC, LE, LMT, Cert. MLD/CDT

6818 N Oracle Road  Suite 414 Tucson, AZ 85704

(520) 999-0447              [email protected]

     TEXT or CALL

Menu of Services

Immune Boosting Lymph Therapy

Manual Lymph Drainage

Pre- & Post-Surgery MLD

Lymphedema Therapy CDP

ThermoTherapy Detox Wrap

Body Contour Cavitation

Massage Therapy

 Ultrasound Therapy

OHM Rejuv-Facial

OHM Sinus Therapy

OHM Body Therapy

ThermoTherapy Detox Wrap

Cleanse your lymphatic system with a DETOX WRAP. This is a decadent 2-hour treatment that begins with I Ching hexagram for contemplative meditation during your wrap.  Next, full body exfoliation and lemon essential oils are massaged with pumping the lymph bundles.  Then you are enveloped in plastic, sheet, and blanketed with 

BioMat Gem Stone Thermo-Therapy of 

Amethyst Crystals, Negative Ions, and Far Infrared Heat. 

Listen to Equi-Sync Meditation Therapy CD. 

Receive your I Ching reading & reflexology.  

 Your core temperature is elevated 1 to 2 degrees, for 45 minutes helping to kill pathogens. Then, you are unwrapped, patted with warm dry towels, and misted with rose water.


Arrive hydrated and drink plenty of water !

The "I Ching" as Facilitator in Psychotherapy

Service Prices

Health Savings Account - Visa/MC - Cash - Check - Google Pay - PayPal Accepted

Attorney Lien for Auto / Worker Injury

OPEN MON - SAT 8 am - 6:30 pm (Sunday by appointment only)

Lymphatic Therapy


Per Hour

Health & Wellness

Boost Immune System, Balance Central Nervous System, Detoxify Chemicals & Metabolic Waste.  Cleanse the Interstitium.

Post-Chemotherapy and

During Radiation Therapy.

Ideal for Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Seasonal Allergies, Chronic Rhino Sinusitis, Macular Edema, and Cancer.

See Benefits Page for more....

Set up a Monthly Wellness Plan and Save

Post-Surgery Lymphatic Therapy


90 Minute

Assists with Bruising & Swelling associated with Surgery.  Make more lymphatic connections sooner. Heal Faster.

Total Knee

Total Hip



Mommy Makeover 

Total Body Lift

Tummy Tuck




Deep Tissue / Hot Stone



60 Minute

Therapeutic Massage

Really Works Out Muscle Tension

Swedish Massage


60 Minute

Relax & Unwind 

When Overstimulated with Life or 

Chronic Pain

Lymphedema Therapy

Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy


Pricing Varies 

Short-Stretch Bandages



Free Consultation


Hourly or per Unit

Medical Insurance Billing Rates

May apply for Reimbursement


Body Contouring



90 Minute

Cavitation Ultrasound

Cellulite Treatment

Ideal for Sluggish Lymphatic System, water retention, cellulite or lipoedema

May be used for post lipo

Radio Frequency/FIR

Heats up tissue to help tighten loose skin.  Best use for cellulite, and 3 months post-op.

Vacuum Mobilization

3 months post op

Ultrasound 1 MHz to break up 

adhesions and fibrosis



(520) 999-0447 Text or Call

OPEN MON-SAT 9:00 am - 6:30 pm (Sunday by appointment only)

ThermoTherapy Detox Wrap


2 hours

Before you begin, cast the I Ching coins to make your hexagram.  The reading will give you a fresh look at your situation for contemplative mediation while wrapped.  You will disrobe and lay face down between towels.  Dry-brushing will stimulate lymphatic flow and exfoliate your skin (you get to keep the exfoliating gloves for continued home lymph stimulation). Next, Lemon essential-oil is applied to skin while massaging the major lymph bundles and paravetebral lymph nodes  You will turn over onto your back and continue dry-brushing.  Lemon e-oil is massaged into abdomen, stimulating the deep lymphatic system. The towels will be removed and you will be wrapped in plastic sheet, and Envelopment in healing properties of amethyst crystals, Neg. Ions & Far Infrared Heat to raise core temperature helping to kill pathogens for 45 minutes. During this time you may listen to meditative music designed to stimulate the brain's healing abilities. Then you will be read your I Ching Hexagram while continuing your ThermoTherapy Detox Wrap.  Once unwrapped, you'll be patted dry with warm towels.  Finally, your body is misted with 

Rose Water or Orange Blossom Flower Water

Come hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Do not plan on participating in strenuous activity the next day.  Rest and restore!


OHM Rejuv-Facial


30 Minutes

No Down Time! 

Stimulates Cell Turnover 

Inside & Out

Brighten Peel exfoliates 

      and treats hyperpigmentation.  

The calming mask nourishes with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Ultrasound drives the product deep into skin, heating the deepest  dermal layer

stimulating collagen & elastin. 

Visible results after 3 weekly treatments! 

Priced Affordably for Monthly Maintenance


OHM Sinus Therapy


20 Minutes

Chronic Rhino Sinusitis

Seasonal Allergies

Ultrasound helps reduce swollen membranes of sinus cavity, healing ulcers and polyps. Helps destroy bacteria missed by antibiotics.

Add on to  Lymphatic Therapy for maximum benefit.

OHM Body Therapy


20 minutes

Ultrasound therapy for tenderizing tight back muscles, whiplash, knots and prepare for joint replacement surgery. Excellent for sciatic nerve pain and fibrosis from chronic inflammation.  Arthritis hand treatments  helps reduce swelling, tightness, and pain.

Stand-alone or add-on to Massage or Lymphatic Therapy



I no longer offer this service

Reiki is a form of Energy Therapy that emerged from Japan in 1822 by Buddhist, Mikao Usui.

"rei" (universal) and "ki" (life energy)

Many hospitals offer Reiki to their patients.  

Reiki treats many conditions and emotional states.  

The Reiki practitioner transfers universal light-force energy

 by placing their hands over / on the patient.

Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness.

Energy medicine aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks.

Chakras (wheel/circle) are various focal energy points of 

electromagnetic fields: 

Sahasrara: "thousand petaled" Crown Chakra   -  Purple

Ajna: "2-petaled lotus" Third Eye 'Guru' Chakra  -  Indigo

Vishuddha:  "16-petaled lotus"  Throat Chakra -  Blue

Anahata: "12-petaled lotus" Heart Chakra   -   Green

Manipura:  "10-petaled lotus" Solar Plex Chakra - Yellow

Svadhishthana:  "6-petaled lotus" Sacral Chakra - Orange

Muladhara:  "4-petaled lotus" Root Chakra - Red

The practitioner focuses on the Chakra centers, to open, treat the body for receiving universal life energy to needed areas, then closes the Chakra centers with the "perfect color, perfect balance, perfect vibration" for 

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Body - Mind - Spirit


I no longer offer this service!​

A form of Japanese bodywork based on ideas in traditional Chinese medicine. Shiatsu means "finger pressure". Techniques include floor massage with fingers, thumbs, feet and palms; assisted stretching; and joint manipulation and mobilization. Practitioner assess the Hara using palpation and pulse diagnosis. Pressure is applied to balance and unblock "ki" energy that flow through the network of meridians in the body. Wear comfortable clothing.