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For Vibrant Health: 

Lymphatic Therapy sessions strengthen your health. Your lymph system has the innate ability to heal your body, but with repeated exposure to the fast pace of American Lifestyle your adrenals deplete; you breathe air pollution, exhaust fumes, & chlorine in showers; chemical exposure pumping gas & cleaning your home, chemical fumes at work, having your nails painted, hair colored; and consume foods processed by modern agriculture with pesticides & GMO.

Seasonal allergies cause inflammation.

Eventually your system become taxed from daily life.

Give yourself a helping hand to 

detox and boost immunity!

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Lymphatic Therapy for Vibrant Health.

Manual Lymphatic Therapy

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Pre- & Post- Surgery MLT

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Give your Lymphatic System a Helping Hand

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Boost Your Immune System - Pre- & Post- Surgery Lymphatic Therapy

Detoxify Your Body with ThermoTherapy Detox Wrap

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What my customers are saying

about Post-Surgery care...

I am a registered nurse with 22 years with​ a background in ICU, Emergency Nursing, Hospital Administration, and currently a Flight Nurse for an air medical transport company who transports the critically ill and injured in rural or remote areas to tertiary care. 

 I was seeking lymphatic massage at one-week post-op because I was severely swollen and very uncomfortable.  After doing much research on the topic of MLD, I called my surgeon's office to schedule an appointment and they referred me to Susan...I am so glad that they did!   I had a "mommy make-over" done to include abdominoplasty with liposuction, breast reduction and breast lift with fat grafting.

The first thing you notice about Susan is that she is beautiful inside and out.  She makes you feel very comfortable about the massage and she is very knowledgeable. I was apprehensive at first because I was concerned it would hurt, and I was already in pain.  After the first treatment, I had a tremendous amount of relief.  

I continued to have MLD done 3 times a week for three months, and later Susan added ultrasound therapy to further aid the reduction of swelling, pain, fibrosis, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. 

Susan truly does have a healing touch.  After the first week of MLD, my bruising was nearly gone and the swelling was significantly reduced.  My only regret is that I did not know about MLD pre-operatively to help my body prepare for surgery.

Erika Cline, RN, CEN, CFRN​


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Oracle Massage / Lymphatic Therapy

Launch Date Feb. 4, 2019

Lunar New Year  / Chinese New Year of the PIG

4,716th Chinese year: Female Earth Pig

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